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Simple Temperature Star Cookies For The Holidays!!


Our night sky may appear to have stars of the same color.  Look closely the next time you view the stars at night. You will notice that some stars are colored.  Colored stars help us to determine the temperature of  a star.   A star can be defined as a natural luminous body visible in the sky especially at night.

Temperature Star Information

Blue White Stars- Hottest

White Stars- Warmer Than Average

Yellow Stars-Average Temperature

Orange Stars-Cooler Than Average

Red Stars-Coolest

This holiday seasons create a little fun in the kitchen with some cool simple “Star  Temperature Cookies”.  Please view directions below!


Baked Short Bread or Sugar Cookies

Food Coloring – Red, Yellow, Blue

White Icing


Place cookies on individual plates.

Mix food coloring with white icing to create the following colors: Red, Yellow, Blue .

Red + White= Red Icing

Yellow + White = Yellow Icing

Blue + White= Blue Icing

Icing cookies to create your simple “Temperature Holiday Star Cookies”!

Eat & Enjoy

Keep Looking Up At The Stars The Holiday Season!

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