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Make Your Own <i>Spray Paint Space Painting</i> In One Minute!

1 minute space painting by Brandon McConnell

Brandon McConnell has been making some very cool looking spray paint space paintings for quite some time now.  Like so many other artists, his artistic journey began by doodling things on paper during the school hours.  I’m sure he got in trouble with this from time to time but it did set the ground work for him to win first prize in his High School art contest for his ink and airbrush art.  Then one day, during a day trip to Mexico, he came across a street artist doing paintings with spray paint.  After buying some of the street artist’s pieces he was able to study them at his home and learn the  methods used to create them.  The next day he went out, bought some spray paint cans, and started making his own space art.

McConnell now has several videos online that instructs his viewers on how they too can quickly make their own spray paint art using very simple tools found in most stores.  In the video below he walks you through how you can make a one-minute painting with only the following materials: – 5 Spray paint cans –  Yellow, Red, Blue, Black & White (all Rustoleum Glossy) – Some torn out pages from a magazine – 14″x18″ poster board taped on to a board – 1 straight edge – 6″ planet stencil (basically some sort of lid)

cropped space

And that’s all you need to make something that looks like this:

If you don’t know anything about art but always wanted to paint then this is a great way to break into it.

You don’t need to visit any fancy art store or spend a lot of money on supplies.  Everything you need can be picked up at any number of stores like a Wal-Mart or a Home Depot.

Once you’ve gotten all the techniques down you can get the kids outside and share in the fun.  Imagine how excited they’ll be when they’re able to make their own painting like this to hang up in their room.

You can check out the rest of Brandon McConnell’s work at his website:

Check out the video for a step by step tutorial on how to make your very own version:

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