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Wed Aug 28, 7:58 PM4 min77°36 above NW11 above SEThu Aug 29, 8:46 PM< 1 min10°10 above SW10 above SWFri Aug 30, 7:57 PM3 min20°19 above WSW11 above S

Tonight, Wednesday August 28, the International Space Station, ISS, will cross the Baton Rouge sky at 7:58pm for about 4 minutes.  If you have not ever seen the ISS move like a star across the sky it is well worth the effort.  Look for a faint object towards the northwest about 36 degrees above the horizon moving towards you.  It will move towards the southeast for about 4 minutes and the peak height in the sky will be 77 degrees which is almost over head.  As it travels towards you it will get brighter and it will dim as it passes until it fades from sight in the southeast at about 11 degrees above the horizon. 

Here is the link to find the ISS anywhere in the world. There is a link in this NASA site to sign up for email or sms text sent to let you know when the ISS will be over your location.

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