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Back To School Planet News!


Boys and Girls have you heard the news!  The planet, stars, comets and asteroids are on the move! Stay tune for more fun activities related to our Solar System.  In the mean time lets play a game.  Use the word bank to complete the following statements!  Creat a postcard or wirte a letter about the Solar System and send it to a friend! 

  See you soon!

Solar System Post Card Game

I am a star! 

I am the fastest planet!   

I am the hottest planet!

You live on me!

I am the Red Planet!

I am a rock floating between Mars and Jupiter!

I am the largest planet and also home to the” great red spot”! 

I have more rings than any other planet!

I am the only planet tipped on my side!

I am the eighth planet from the Sun!

Solar System Word Bank

Mercury       Venus         Earth     Mars             Jupiter         Saturn       Uranus        Neptune       Sun        Asteroids      Comets

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