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A Rare Sight: You Can See Venus During The Day This Week

venus in the sky at day

Besides the Sun and Moon, Venus is the brightest celestial body.  It’s so bright that you can even see it during the daytime.  Tomorrow morning, and the rest of the week, you can see Venus in the morning sky just before sunrise.  That is, if it is a clear sky when you go out.  Depending on where you are, Venus is about two fists above the horizon.

Venus will be clearly visible before the sun rises this week.  However, as the sun begins to loom on the horizon its brightness will reduce to a pinprick .  So you’ll have to be prepared.

Maybe you’re an early riser; maybe you have to get up early to walk the dog or take out the trash.  If you want to see Venus you should find out when the sun rises in your location.  Go outside about 15 to 20 minutes before sunrise and find Venus.  Next you should find an object like a house or fence to put between you and the sunrise.  This way you’ll know exactly where it is.  Now go outside about 5 to 10 minutes before sunrise and stand in the same spot.  You’ll be surprised at how Venus has moved in such a short period of time. As the sun rises keep your eye on Venus.

It’s really the best you’re going to get if you want to experience that SciFi World-With-Two-Moons landscape that’s so cool in the movies.

Below is a video of what you can find in the sky this February.

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