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Gallery Tours photo

Explore our unique art and science galleries virtually! Did you know that LASM is the only art & science museum in the region? New gallery tours are currently in development and will be available soon.


This video is a time-lapse of LASM Curatorial Staff members installing artist Jen Pack's site-specific installation piece Chromatic Chorus: An Ovation, made of nearly a thousand individual colored threads, which was part of Harmonies in Color. 

This video is a time-lapse of artist Jonathan Brilliant installing his work The Red Stick Piece, 2014, in LASM's Soupçon Gallery! It was composed of 50,000 wooden coffee stir sticks woven in place and held by tension along with 4,500 coffee cup sleeves stacked one inside the other, braided aluminum cable, and espresso grounds.

CLICK HERE to read a blog post about Brilliant's work.

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