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Libby Johnson

Libby Johnson (b. 1950) is a photorealist painter highly regarded for her landscape and still life paintings. Using oil paint, which she prefers for its intense but natural shades, Johnson illuminates her scenes with dramatic light and rich, emotive color. Characteristically dramatic skies prevail over each of her scenes, providing an element of beauty and mystery with their glowing light. To create her landscapes and skyscapes, Johnson overlays photographs of clouds, fields, and trees. Her still lifes are staged in harmonious juxtaposition, individual elements contrasting one another but creating a peaceable whole.

Johnson earned both her Bachelor of Fine Art and Master of Fine Art degrees from Louisiana State University, and has taught art for more than twenty years. She has been an instructor at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado and at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Tennessee several times. In 2000, she opened Studio dei Leoni in Baton Rouge and began teaching classes on painting, abstraction, and the structure of the human form.

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Libby Johnson, Vestiges, 2009. Oil on panel, 35 x 51 inches. Gift of the artist. Louisiana Art & Science Museum Collection, 2010.007.001

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