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Bicentennial Quilt

The United States celebrated its 200th anniversary of independence from British rule with the bicentennial commemoration in 1976. The nationwide celebration came at a time of great political and social upheaval for America. It was a time of patriotism amidst the background of the Civil Rights Movement, Feminism, Watergate, and the Vietnam War. Women’s groups across the country chose quilt-making, traditionally a women’s craft, as a form of artistic expression. The quilts created could communicate political commentary, patriotic fervor, or, in the case of this quilt, pride of place.

Members of the Homemakers Council created this 64 square Bicentennial Quilt for the 1976 bicentennial to celebrate Louisiana’s unique culture. Individual square patches were designed and executed by members of the council to represent the 64 parishes of Louisiana. Each one represents something characteristic or native to the parish it depicts.

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Bicentnial Quilt.jpeg

Bicentennial Quilt, 1976. Fabric and thread. Gift of the Louisiana Extension Homemakers Council. Louisiana Art & Science Museum Collection, 1978.016.001

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