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Epaul Julien

Ode to Van Eyck's Self Portrait.jpeg

Epaul Julien (b. 1972) was born in New Orleans but grew up forty-five minutes outside of the city on Africa Plantation, which his family owned. As a young boy Julien explored the land, developing a love of nature and a vivid imagination. For him, Africa Plantation was a spiritual place where he could explore freely and dream of the future.

As a child, Julien learned how to use his father’s Nikon FT2 camera. Building on the lessons of his father, Julien began to teach himself new techniques and journeyed into the realm of fine art photography. From 1995 until 2005, when Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, devastating New Orleans, Julien worked solely in photography. The threat of Katrina forced him to evacuate, leaving behind the bulky photography equipment in his studio. After six months, exiled from his studio by the storm, Julien returned and began creating art once more, this time incorporating the few images which the storm had not destroyed into new mixed media works. As part of E2, Julien serves as partner, concept co-developer, and photographer.

Epaul Julien’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at venues such as Stella Jones Gallery in New Orleans, the Louisiana State Museum, the Arps Gallery in Paris, and in the Grid 10 Photo Biennale in Amsterdam. His work is included in the permanent collections of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Louisiana State Museum, and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Trento and Rovereto in Trento, Italy.

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