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Ms. Marion and her cat, Shelby, had a BALL with this activity! While learning about FORCE and MOTION, turn your hallway or kitchen into your very own bowling alley! How many “pins” can you knock down?


  • A ball that can be used indoors, such as a tennis ball, bouncy ball, or small beach ball

  • 6 plastic bottles half-filled with water

    • If you are trying to help the environment by avoiding using single use plastics like Ms. Marion, aluminum cans or toilet paper rolls also work! Cardboard tubes work for a quieter game and aluminum cans work well for a truer, louder bowling alley experience.

  • Smooth floor surface 

  • Activity chart 

  • Crayons


  1. Set up a bowling alley by placing the bottles, cans, or cardboard tubes on a smooth surface.

  2. Roll the ball lightly aiming towards the “pins.” Record on the Activity Chart how many pins were knocked over. 

  3. Next, roll the ball towards the pins with more force. Record how many pins were knocked over.

  4. Ask yourself questions such as, “Which roll worked best – the one with less force or more force?” “Who gave the ball the force to move?” 


Watch the video below to see Sesame Street character Grover demonstrate force with a game of tug-of-war!

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